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Aangepast AutoclaafKoolstofstaal of Roestvrij staal





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Waterkoelings Samengestelde Q345R Autoclaaf Op hoge temperatuur

Waterkoelings Samengestelde Q345R Autoclaaf Op hoge temperatuur

    • Water Cooling Composite Q345R High Temperature Autoclave
    • Water Cooling Composite Q345R High Temperature Autoclave
  • Water Cooling Composite Q345R High Temperature Autoclave


    Plaats van herkomst: CHINA
    Merknaam: LUY

    Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:

    Min. bestelaantal: 1 reeks
    Prijs: Negotiable
    Verpakking Details: De naakte verpakking, kan door containers of bulklading worden verscheept
    Levertijd: Verscheept in 35 dagen na ontvangen betaling
    Betalingscondities: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Levering vermogen: 5000 reeks per jaar
    Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
    Werkende temperatuur: 100-450℃ Installatie: verleende de dienst overzee
    Werkdruk: 0.5-5.0Mpa Vacuümgraad: -0.098Mpa
    Voltage: 380 V 3 fase 50Hz (kan worden aangepast) Materiaal: Q345R koolstofstaal of Roestvrij staal
    Diameter: 1200-2500 Lengte: 3000-4500
    Naam: Autoclaaf Waterkoeling op hoge temperatuur voor Samenstelling die Aerocrafts-Delen genezen
    Hoog licht:

    5.0Mpa Composite Autoclave


    Q345R High Temperature Autoclave

    High Temperature Autoclave Water Cooling For Composite Curing Aerocrafts Parts


    Ⅰ Product description


    The temperature, pressure, time, vacuum and other working procedures of the autoclave during high temperature curing are automatically controlled by Siemens PLC. It is a new type of energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly heating and curing equipment successfully developed by our company. The device does not need to be manually operated, and achieves a good working effect in automatic operation. The program is designed for automatic vacuuming, automatic temperature rise, automatic heat preservation, no need for operators after setting working procedures, and can directly pick up the goods after working hours, saving labor and energy consumption, and the comprehensive production cost of the enterprise can be reduced by more than 35%.


    The autoclave is mainly used for the molding of polymer-based composite component products. It is the main equipment for manufacturing continuous fiber reinforced thermosetting composite materials. It is widely used in the molding of advanced composite materials, honeycomb sandwich structures and metal or composite bonding mechanisms.


    Ⅱ Technical parameters


    Diameter 500-4500mm
    Length 1000-20000mm
    Working temperature 100-450℃
    Working pressure 0.5-5.0Mpa
    Speed of pressure rise 0.05Mpa/min Continuously adjustable
    Pressure error ±0.01MPA
    Heating rate (no load) 0.5-7℃/min Continuously adjustable
    Cooling rate (no load) 0.5-7℃/min Continuously adjustable
    Cooling way Water cooling or air cooling
    Point temperature error ±1-2℃
    Temperature control and temperature measurement points Inside tank and 2-20point
    Vacuum Degree -0.098MPA
    Extract Vacuum pipe line 2-20
    Test Vacuum pipe line 2-20
    Continuous working time ≥50 hours




    1. Control system


    The control system adopts professional hot-pressure temperature control software, which consists of PLC temperature control module, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, control cabinet and connection line. The PL temperature control module is used to transmit the temperature data in the tank through the temperature sensor to the PLC control cabinet, and the temperature value is displayed on the computer in real time. The insulation phase program automatically calls the PID temperature setting to ensure the accuracy and stability of the temperature inside the autoclave.


    2. Vacuum system


    The vacuum system consists of vacuum pump, vacuum pumping line, vacuum measuring line, backup buffer tank and vacuum buffer tank. Each vacuum line has pressure sensor, pneumatic valve, manual valve and pressure leak alarm. The vacuum line working relative independence. When one of the vacuum lines fails, this vacuum line can be cut off separately, reducing the impact on the entire vacuum system and ensuring the stability and safety of the vacuum system.


    3. Cooling system


    The water cooling method is adopted, and the temperature of each point in the tank collected by the thermocouple is transmitted to the PLC control system. According to the user's process requirements, the control system controls the circulating rate of the variable frequency cooling pump and the circulation rate of the high temperature and high pressure fan, thereby controlling the cooling rate.


    4. Heating system


    Using professional hot-press temperature control software, consists of thermocouple, PLC temperature control module power regulator, control cabinet and connection line. The temperature data in the tank is collected by the thermocouple and transmitted to the PLC, and then the output power is adjusted to the heating tube by the PLC and the power regulator. The special 304 stainless steel electric heating tube is heated quickly and has a long service life. The temperature fan circulates and spreads the heat in the tank more uniformly through the special temperature circulation board. The temperature is uniform and there is no dead angle and the pressure is constant.


    Our advantages


    1. tightness of tank :it is made from tank ,tank door ,high temperature motor ,air duct heat partition layer to form into one high pressure resistant ,high temperature tank

    2. safety interlock : it is made from pressure automatic interlock ,manual interlock ,over pressure alarm device.

    3. Quickly open door device :manual or automatic quickly open design ,even If power off ,it can start and close the door

    4. Sealing device: the door adopt silica gel filling air ,it can bear 500 degree ,forming into one high temperature high pressure sealed container

    5. Pressure system: pressure transfer and control system include air compressor ,storage tank ,pressure control valve ,pipe ,pressure transformer ,and pressure gauge .

    6. Heating system: stainless steel heating pipe ,high temperature fan ,wind plate ,insulation layer ,temperature control system .heating power satisfy with inside tank max temperature requirement and raising temperature

    7. Temperature circulation system :it made up of circulation fan ,wind plate ,and guide flow cover to improve heating transfer and circulation form into uniform temperature

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