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Thuis ProductenRubber Genezende Autoclaaf

PLC Controlegevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen

PLC Controlegevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen

  • PLC Controlegevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen
  • PLC Controlegevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen
PLC Controlegevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen
Plaats van herkomst: CHINA
Merknaam: LUY
Certificering: ISO CU-TR
Modelnummer: DN 1500 3000
Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:
Min. bestelaantal: 1 reeks
Prijs: Negotiable
Verpakking Details: De naakte verpakking, kan door containers of bulklading worden verscheept
Levertijd: Verscheept in 35 dagen na ontvangen betaling
Betalingscondities: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Levering vermogen: 5000 reeks per jaar
Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
Productnaam: PLC van het Gevulkaniseerde rubberproducten van de controle Automatische Controle de Autoclaafmachin Grootte: DN1800 4000
Materiaal: Q345R Dikte: 10mm
Temperatuur: 185 graad Druk: 0.85mpa
het verwarmen manieren: Elektriciteits hete lucht het verwarmen Certicficate: CU-RT CE
Instalation: De overzee dienst van de ingenieurslevering
Hoog licht:

PLC Rubber Genezende Autoclaaf


Gevulkaniseerd rubber die Autoclaaf genezen

PLC control Automatic Control Vulcanized Rubber Products Autoclave Machine


Ⅰ Product description


The Small Car and Truck Tire Vulcanization Autoclave For Salesis mainly used for vulcanization of rubber products, and the vulcanization methods include direct steam heating vulcanization and hot dry air heating vulcanization. Electric power or steam boilers or conduction oil furnaces can be used as heat sources. Automatic control of temperature, pressure and time, safe and reliable performance, easy to use, can be customized for customers according to customer's product technical requirements.


Working principle for PLC control Automatic Control Vulcanized Rubber Products Autoclave Machine


Electric heated tubes are arranged in the bottom of the tank according to certain rules, the heat exchanger linked the electric heated tubes and the water channel. The height of the sink is 5~15mm. The steam which produced by electric heated tubes and water spread from down to up evenly until turn into condensate water pour into the sink after touched the wall of tank and then heat again. The temperature of the tank evenly and the pressure has no error, so it can prevent the different quality of the product because of the uneven temperature and pressure. After set working procedures, the heating, heat preservation, vulcanization and etc can be finished by automatic control system. The equipment stop working and give alarm after all procedures finished.


Ⅱ Main Model


Model Effective Diameter(mm) Effective Length(mm) Total capacity(cubic meter)
DL800*22000 800 22000 11.0
DL800*64000 800 64000 32.1
DL1000*2000 1000 2000 1.5
DL1200*3000 1200 3000 3.4
DL1500*3500 1500 3500 6.0
DL1800*7000 1800 7000 17.8
DL2500*15000 2500 15000 73.5
DL2600*6000 2600 6000 31.8
DL2800*9000 2800 9000 55.4
DL4500*13000 4500 13000 206.0


Note:If the above model is not available, please tell us the diameter and length of the equipment you need. We can customize it for you. The maximum diameter which we can customize is 4.5 meters, the length can be customized according to users' needs.


Ⅲ PLC control Automatic Control Vulcanized Rubber Products Autoclave Machine Technical parameters


Design temperture(℃) 150-220℃
Design pressure(Mpa) 0.6-3.0Mpa
Material Q345R carbon steel
Heating ways Direct steam heating or hot air heating
Open door ways Manual quickly open door or Hydraulic open door way
Sealing ways Filling air sealing (lifetime1-2year)
Control ways Semi-automatic control or automatic control
Safety ways tank door double safety interlock ,tank with three safety interlock
Alarm ways over pressure automatic alarm ,automatic discharge pressure
Temperature uniform ±1-2℃
Pressure difference <±0.01mpa




1. What’s the welding method?
Automatic submerged arc welding, it has advantages of good weld quality and good weld appearance. It also hasn’t arc radiation. And our company has own special flaw detection to ensure the quality of the machine


2. What’s the open door method?
Open door manually, open the door by electricity, open the door by hydraulic. Advanced open door method ,only one young girl can open the door easily.
Automatic pressure safety interlocking method and manual safety interlocking method, it solved the safety problem of wrong operation.


3. Is the control system manual, semi-automatic or full-automatic?
Our basic control system is semi-automatic operation system, and we also can supply full-automatic operation system.


4. What is the heat source?
Steam boiler , conduction oil boiler and electric.
If you do not have the boiler, we can provide you with.
And you can also choose electric heating.


5. What’s the heat preservation way?
Using external thermal insulation.
The galvanized sheets which will not rust in ten years welded and fixed around the equipment and built in insulation cotton to ensure make full use of heat energy. The thickness of the insulation cotton which around the tank is 80mm and the thickness of the insulation cotton which around the head of the equipment is 60mm. It has advantages of easy to transport, long time use without deformation, good insulation effect and low cost.

6. Is it can be customized?
Sure, this rubber vulcanization autoclave can be designed according to customers’ requirements, the maximum to meet different product technology and process requirements.



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